I like to take this opportunity to explain what are the key points to be looked into for selecting plot to construct your house.

1  check the zoning certificate issued by TCP.

2  check plot for filling required 

3 check if plot will be flooding with water during rains

4 check proper tarred access for the plot is available . know the width of the access road

5 easement or any traditional  access if exists from your plot for neighbouring plots.

6 if you belive in vastu then check it now for vastu consideration

7 check if electricity and water line is available in the vicinity

8 get the title /legal report done by lawyer. check nil incumberrence certificate.

9 check survey plan and PT sheet or mutuation certificate or form I and XIV

10 Finally check length , breadth and the area and suitability from the point of planning from Engineer / Architect

We have got lot many contacts of registered real estate brokers to choose from who can provide you with different options to purchase your plot from the market for which they charge service fees.

About Author


Chandrashekar prabhudessai is consulting civil engineer cum Govt approved Valuer with more than 30 yrs field experiance. He is chartered engineer and was chairman of professional bodies for last six years.