For STEEL DESIGNING, we are associated with Sadgurukrupa Engineering services and Trading

The firm Sadgurukrupa Engineering Services and Trading (SEST), was established in 2010  by Mr. Akhilesh M. Kajarekar.

The firm’s enthusiastic approach has led to design various types of structures, like residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructures.

They offer various services like

  • Civil and Structural Design
  • Preparation of construction and survey drawings
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • BOQ and estimation
  • We can provide detail calculations to third party consultant if required.

They are operating from Pune and team consists of structural engineers and detailers with fine hand on latest software tools and design codes to deliver creative and innovative solutions for safe and stable structure.

The firm, Sadgurukrupa Engineering Services and Trading (here after short formed as SEST), is in the field of Industrial and Residential building structure design.




  1. Hydraulic Structures for Irrigation Engineering – Design of: Dams & related structures, Canal & Canal related structures (Road Crossing Bridges, Culverts, etc.)
  2. Structures related to Plant & Industrial Engineering –Machine/Equipment foundations, all Structures related to Ash and bulk material Handling Systems,Pump Houses, Switchgear Rooms, etc
  3. Structures related to Water Supply and water retaining structures  – River Intake Works, Jack wells, Pump Houses, Gate Galleries, River Approach Bridges, Pipe Crossing Bridges, Pre Settling Tanks, WTP structures, Elevated Water Storage Tanks, Ground water reservoirs, etc.
  4. Structures related to Residential and Commercial Purpose


  1. Structural Design & Fabrication Drawings for Rail crossing & Road Crossing Foot Over Bridges.
  2. Sub Station Structure Designs.

Structural Steel (Structures related to Plant & Industrial Engineering)

  1. Trestles
  2. Gantry
  3. Transfer towers
  4. Foundation system
  5. ESP support structure
  6. Bag filter support structures
  7. Silo/ Bin support structures
  8. Wind turbine support structures
  9. Duct support structures
  10. Pipeline support structures
  11. Design of assembly line structures
  12. Solar panel support structures
  13. Screen House/ Crusher House
  14. Long span gantry, Gantry girder
  15. Goliath crane
  16. Chimney
  17. Boiler House
  18. Storage Tanks


  1. Preparation of fabrication drawing for steel Structures.
  2. Preparation of Detail construction drawings for civil Structures.

Field Surveys

Land Survey for any constructions.




  1. Design of Junction Towers, Gantrie, Trestles for Cement Plant
  2. Design of Industrial Tanks (98 lakh+ litres capacity)
  3. Design of Control Buildings, Bridge for Power Plant Structures
  4. Design of Bridge and Gantry Structures
  5. Design of Flash Dryer Supporter
  6. Design of Duct support Tower having height 30.0 m at Indore
  7. Calculation of Load data for 70m chimney
  8. Calculation of Load data for 17m chimney
  9. Design of Car parking At Chennai
  10. Design of Alumina handling System towers
  11. Design of transfer towers, screen houses, gantries, crusher houses
  12. Design of 45 m chimney
  13. Design of boiler houses for sugar factories
  14. Design of 75 m chimney
  15. Design of rack system
  16. Design of Industrial shed at Raigad Distr. (25 x 35 x16m)
  17. Design of Stadium Stand at Dervan, Ratnagiri
  18. Design of more than 25 Residential buildings (R.C.C.) (all components like Columns,Beams,Slabs Foundation like Isolated footing, Shoe type Combined footings).
  19. Design of Clariflocculator
  20. Design of Tower Footings for Duct support having height 30.0 m at Indore
  21. Design of Footing for Flash Dryer Supporter
  22. Design of Footing for Wind Turbine Tower at Italy
  23. Design of Pump house (86 Lakh Litres Capacity)
  24. Design of work shed
  25. Design of Wind Turbine Towers
  26. Design of Solar Panel Structures of different sizes (from 3 kW to 100 kW)
  27. Design of Solar Panel Structures of different sizes (from 100 kW to 1 MW)