How to appoint an contractor to build your home

Labour Contractor

1) If the work quality is not acceptable    & for that if contractor is told to remove   the work done, owner will loose the material So it is the duty of owner to appoint engineer to do construction supervision to the Satisfaction of consulting engineer.

2) Since owner is providing the material, there   may be wastage of material from labour                                                 contractor.

With material contractor

  • Responsible for the quality construction  as he will face big loss if the engineer     does

not approve the workmanship, and  Quality of work is not as expected to the

Satisfaction of consulting engineer.

  • Here  there are chances of using Inferior/cheaper quality material for Execution of work.   there are lot of advantages & disadvantages to be decided to choose a contractor which itself is a task to be assigned to your consulting engineer.

Consulting engineer required to check the quantities of the executed work on site and certify the bills of contractors for payment by owners.

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Chandrashekar prabhudessai is consulting civil engineer cum Govt approved Valuer with more than 30 yrs field experiance. He is chartered engineer and was chairman of professional bodies for last six years.