how to select an engineer to build your home

How to select an Engineer to your project

  • Firstly you should know what services you need from an engineer and to decide the scope of work to be assigned to chosen engineer. You should know what services are offered by different engineers and what services are required to complete your house.

So, services required to complete your house

1} architectural drawing to be made.

Here you can choose either Engineer or an architect. Difference between the two is Architect is specialized exclusively in the architectural planning for five years during graduation. Whereas Engineer is trained in structural design and in construction and in handling different types of loadings, earthquake designs etc.

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2} Liasoning with Govt. authorities

3} Estimation & tendering

After the plan is approved by the Govt. authorities, you need to calculate detail quantities to estimate the construction cost so that client can arrange/ budget the finance required to undertake the construction, But different contractors quote different rates. They consider different basic rates of materials while preparing the estimate.

  1. To standardize specification
  2. To appoint contractor or choose contractor who will be most suited for your job at the same time considering the lowest possible costing which will economize your budget requirement.

Quotations from different contractors are been invited and tendering is done. But here one more point comes to our mind to choose whom

  1. With material contractor
  2. Labour contractor

Your consulting engineer requires to help you in this matter.

Now look for educational qualification for the person you want to choose as an engineer.

If you ask my advice, I would prefer one who has completed graduation in Civil Engineering from a recognized university.

Any added qualification is a plus point but truly speaking higher qualification is needed for specifically more complex type of jobs.

What I also like to recommend is Experience makes man perfect and more the number of years of experience better he would be able to handle practical difficulties.

Nothing can match experience.

An Engineer who attends various training programmes, conferences, seminars to upgrade his knowledge should be the one to whom you should prefer, so you can always ask his attachments to various professional bodies. You can verify professional body’s membership number which is allotted to engineer during his registration.

For example at entry stage, Engineer gets Associate member category. After certain number of years membership is upgraded to member category. After more number of experiences you get fellow category.

Visit the website of the engineer to know various awards won, his public & Govt. interaction, his representation on various Govt. bodies will speak about his capabilities in handling his profession.

Before choosing an engineer, it is always good to have word with the clients handled by the Engineer.

Works done by the engineer are usually been displayed on their websites of facebook. But on conversation with the customers will bring the truth out.

And last the fees charged by the Engineer for his consulting job and scope of work required for your project.

Depending on the service you looking out for Engineer will give you quote.

But I would like to caution you to choose an Engineer which is most honest, trustworthy, most competent and respectful to his profession.

If you wish to ask any doubts, do mail us and we will try to answer.


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Chandrashekar prabhudessai is consulting civil engineer cum Govt approved Valuer with more than 30 yrs field experiance. He is chartered engineer and was chairman of professional bodies for last six years.