Things to be looked into an Architect to build your home

How to choose an Architect for you to build your home.

What should you look into an architect..?

  1. Only the fees
  2. Only the qualification B arch. Etc
  3. Only the number of years of experience
  4. Only the exterior look
  5. Only the interior designing
  6. Only the planning/ detailing/site inspection service
  7. Only the sweet talk
  8. His working drawings
  9. Three dimensional or walk through modeling of drgs at extra cost
  10. His earlier executed projects
  11. His feed back from those customers especially about their experiences about the architect.


All the above in one particular person whom you choose to be an architect for your home. But it is very difficult to have all the qualities in one person. So you need to judge what can be the best for your specific job. It is for you to think whether it is Interior designing you are more interested in or whether you would love to have nice exterior looking bungalow.

Accordingly you can choose or take help of us to help you to build your home. Here fees charged also needs to be looked into. Depending on your expectation, your interest in the services required from architect fees will be varying in nature.

Final product your home is once in a lifetime achievement and it needs to be perfect. So need to bargain on fees. But choose the good one. It is your one time investment. It is your life time investment.

Think before choosing. In case of difficulties click


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Chandrashekar prabhudessai is consulting civil engineer cum Govt approved Valuer with more than 30 yrs field experiance. He is chartered engineer and was chairman of professional bodies for last six years.